RISE works with existing Accounting Practices at two levels.  At each level the goal of RISE is to limit the commercial risk and time investment of the Practice while delivering superior service to the Practice’s customers.

RISE Authorised Representatives (AR’s) who offer an integrated Accounting & Financial Services package to their clients have seen their businesses grow steadily, as increasing numbers of their clients appreciate the complete financial service now offered to them.

Practices who have enlisted RISE Accountants Business Development Agreement services (BDA’s) have benefited from following; finding independence from institutional influence. Able focus on their clients interest. A simple and consistent fee structure coupled with regular and highly responsive reporting.

  • Are you are a Practice owner who is looking at improving the value of your nest egg?
  • Have you perhaps noticed increasing numbers of your clients who are seeking your counsel on investment and superannuation matters?
  • Are you just interested in what opportunities exist in an industry currently going through vast changes?

RISE is here to assist Accountants deliver new options to their customers.  We provide comprehensive practice management support helping you to build your businesses cost effectively, while limiting risk and the burden on time and resources.