“Max and Guy Thompson via RISE Standards Limited have provided my business with first class service and advice.

Their professionalism, quality of work, promptness in response and understanding customer needs are what makes them great.

Highly recommendable.”

David Bertelli – Director – Crosscorp Accounting Pty Ltd


“I have known Guy Thompson of RISE Standards, Brougham & Vaux  Pty Ltd for approximately 10 years.  We first met when he was working as a Financial Planner for a firm in Perth.  As an Accountant, I referred clients seeking financial planning advice to the firm that Guy worked for.  The positive feedback I received was his ability to listen, evaluate and solve financial problems in a very practical and caring manner.  He always put the concerns and interests of his clients first.

In 2010 he obtained his own Australian Financial Services Licence and started his own firm RISE Standards, Brougham & Vaux  Pty Ltd .

In October 2011 I became an Authorised Representative of RISE Standards.  A major consideration  for me in joining  RISE Standards, was that they are privately owned and provide a highly professional yet personalised service.

With Guy at the helm, the firms expansion can only continue to ‘RISE'”.

Pauline Howatson – Principle – pHaccts Accountants & Business Advisers



“I had spent many hours researching different options for Accountants & Authorised Representatives – all the options I looked at didn’t really fit with our accounting practice – a small, boutique family firm.  One day I got a phone call from Guy Thompson asking if he could meet to let me know about the RISE Standards offering – I figured why not, let’s see what he has to say.

I was very impressed with Guy’s knowledge at our initial meeting and we soon discovered that the RISE Standards offering ticked all the boxes from our end – an independent firm not affiliated with the banks, a local firm & a family firm.  The actual process of becoming authorised was seamless from my point of view with lots of help from Guy and his great team.

Our clients love that we can offer them a full financial planning service now – a lot of them had been asking us about it for years.  They like the fact that Baker Solutions Group is involved in the process as well as the great team from RISE – our clients feel like all aspects of their financial affairs are being considered.  We have had very positive feedback from our clients about the whole experience.

Going forward, our partnership with RISE lets us expand our services without having to invest in a lot of study time or financial resources.  The training, communication and backup from the RISE team is exceptional.  We look forward to a long association with RISE, Guy and his team.”

Amanda Smith – Senior Accountant & Business Advisor – Baker Solutions Group 


“Guy and Max Thompson introduced themselves to me at a time when many financial planners were putting forward the option to become an Authorised Representative during a time of uncertainty for Accountant’s in the area of financial advice.

I not only found them to be down to earth, knowledgeable and extremely approachable, but was impressed with their willingness to know more about both me and my business.  The key factor that swayed my decision was the fact that they are directly licensed, not just Authorised Representative themselves.  Something I hold in high regard, as this isn’t something that is earned lightly.

Guy was always on hand to assist with the training and assistance with requirements as I gained qualifications to act under the RISE Standards banner.

Despite the extension of the Accountant’s Exemption I have the ability to present and discuss financial planning details with clients with complete confidence, not only from myself, but from the point of view of my clients.  Services have been gradually expanding in this area and I believe from July 2016 this will only grow further as I will have some years of experience under my belt in this area.

While my main focus was to protect myself initially, I have found great enjoyment in providing a service that improves my clients future, both in the short and long term.  My desire to assist clients in any way possible is easier due to my association with RISE Standards.

I look forward to our future as our services expand further to more clients.”

Simon Latta – Director – Gilberts Accounting Pty Ltd


“We have recently  undertaken the rigorous process to become Authorised Representatives under the banner of RISE Standards.  The training encompassed;  Transition to Retirement, Superannuation Funds, Centerlink and Aged Care.

Under the updated legislation this now enables us to provide holistic advice for impending retirees.  The feedback we have received is that there is an expanding group of clients who will require advice and support on managing the transition to retirement and later on, if required, Aged Care.  With low investment earnings, limited Superannuation and a “user pays” mode for Aged Care, guidance is essential to ensure a work/retirement balance that meets expectations.”

Ian McDonald – Principal Accountant – Creative Auditing