Portfolio Management

Brougham & Vaux’s Portfolio Management System is an advanced administration system that allows its clients direct online access to their investment records. The system updates investments daily, keeping clients and their advisers up to date with all movements.

The costs of external brokers and platforms are reduced and significantly and as a result this provides your portfolio with the opportunity to increase its growth potential.

Brougham & Vaux will provide a detailed report that encapsulates the following:

  • Performance (income/dividends and capital gain/loss
  • Trading transaction history and summary (daily, monthly, yearly)
  • Portfolio valuation with percentage rate of performance earned (for the whole investment portfolio and also individual shares/managed funds)
  • Asset class summary (shares, property and fixed interest) as a percentage of your total investment, and
  • End of financial year reporting

The reports are formulated to assist your accountant at the end of the financial year saving you time and accounting fees. It is a very powerful tool to ascertain the value of your estate on any given day.