Estate Planning

A highly important part of the financial planning process is to ensure that assets accumulated over a lifetime are structured and distributed according to your wishes.

Estate planning advice is given in conjunction with accounting and legal advice. Brougham & Vaux will work with accountants and specialist estate planning solicitors, in order to construct the most effective ongoing structure to protect your assets. This will ensure our advice dovetails into your Will and Estate Planning.

Careful consideration and professional advice should be obtained to make sure your estate is dealt with in the most tax effective manner.

A well thought out estate plan will make sure you retain control of your assets and determine who will make decisions on your behalf should you become unable to in the future.

Without an appropriate record of how you intend to distribute your assets, there is the risk that intended beneficiaries may receive very little if any of your estate.

Estate planning is a complex area and appropriate professional advice should therefore be obtained before making any decisions.