Brougham & Vaux

Guy Thompson is Managing Director of Brougham & Vaux Pty Ltd (B&V) which is a financial planning company with its own Australian Financial Services License (AFSL), Brougham & Vaux (Aust.) Pty Ltd 394 795.

Guy Thompson is also the Responsible Manager for the AFSL.

Brougham & Vaux provide advice on SMSFs, Superannuation pre and post retirement, Investment Advice Strategic/Management, personal Risk Insurance and Estate Planning advice.

Brougham & Vaux is privately owned and is not aligned in any way to Financial Institutions, Banks, Fund Managers or Life Companies.

We are advice driven and fee driven and focused on the best outcome for our clients.

Brougham & Vaux has built its entire client base organically, on the growth of its Accounting referral network.

Managing Director Guy Thompson explains; “We have worked closely with Accounting professionals for a long time in order to help their clients with financial planning strategies.  Our strategies represent a combination of the Accountants’ knowledge of the client including existing and potential tax strategies in conjunction with our own technical industry knowledge and investment management experience to tailor accurate and appropriate advice.”

“RISE evolved due to the close relationships we have with our Accounting referral network.  Our continual strive to build trust coupled with ongoing frequent support of a general nature has provided us with feedback over time and hence the need to try to help where possible to manage the SMSF legislative changes.”

“In providing this support we are helping these networks to grow the SMSF area of their practice and mitigate the recently proposed changes in legislation to do with removal of exemption 7.1.29A of the Corporations Regulations 2001 permitting Accountants to provide advice to do with SMSF Establishment, Compliance and SMSF tax.”